Disclaimer: This article might apply for married-husband only

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There’s a famous & epic saying: “Life Begin at 40”

The mythically words in my humble so men opinion today it is half true, indeed. Tomorrow it will be an axiom. Ironically, towards the end of the year, I myself will turn Sweet 40, with God’s willing.

Whilst most of people’s perception of this term is more on stability; comprises into financial, career, family, and lifestyle, emotional and towards the accomplishment of so-called self-goal and dream, to be true. Yet so close to be true, and the big question is are you happy of what you’ve been doing now?

Just cut the crap Gentlemen, let’s be more frank and men to men talk.

Just be open, this is the reality. Hard to swallow but better talk than never

The notion that ‘life begins at forty’ is a 20th century one; prior to that it was more accurate to say ‘death begins at forty’ as most people didn’t live much beyond that age. Look around you Guys. Most Men even at earlier of this age had already live a life with so many common Unhealthy Life Style disease. In Malay they call it “Sakit Orang-Orang Kaya”. I don’t have to elaborate further, just look at your tummy, chin and cheeks. Yes, don’t judge the book from its cover but why in the earth you choose an ugly and hideous cover while you have the opportunity to look good at least for your love one, by chance?

Quick question: when is the last time you did you Health Full Screening? What are the result?

I don’t want to scare you but try to read this:

“Those in their fifth decade have a better time in bed than at any other stage of their life, a survey has suggested. The survey of 2,000 women indicated that those in their 40s are less self-conscious about their bodies and as a result are more confident between the sheets. Up to 80 per cent say they are now more adventurous with their partner than during their 20s, with 60 per cent saying they feel more assertive. According to experts, this is the age when females hit their ‘sexual confidence’ peak  –  they know what they want in the bedroom and they are not afraid to ask. By contrast a fifth of women under 30 say they often merely pretend to be satisfied in bed, compared with just seven per cent of 40-somethings.” – Source By Sophie Borland For The Daily Mail

Expert estimate 40% of men will suffer Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at same point in their lives

Most men particularly at this age experience at least. I don’t want to touch on Pre-mature Ejaculation because without a good plumbing and good blood flow, proper pressure and a top notch vascular system, weak erections can be first sign of otherwise silent cardiovascular disease. Many  of the risk factors sexual dysfunction are the same cardiovascular disease include high blood pressure, being overweight, high cholesterol, raised blood sugar, smoking, poor diet, stress and depressing.

Unhealthy habits can kill your hard-on and most men experience these problems and difficulties, which can play gloomy with your sex life. Kudos Guys, you’re now suffocating your spouse and pretending a happy ever after life for quite sometimes.

Let’s ask our self this Self-Reflection vital question:

Do you still remember your 1st Night with her at your young and top notch performance?
Is the performance still the same till today?
How many medication, supplements, Viagra, Kacip Fatimah and Sex Drugs have your wasted?
Do you know the risk of taking those junks?
Why must to depend on these junks?
Are you really “Finish Strong”?
Are you Happy?
Are She Happy?
Are you both Happy Ending?

If you only know how easy to upkeep you life and this performances through 100% natural, habis bungkus dah semua pengeluar2 ubat-ubat & supplement merepek bagai ni, tutup kedai  beb.

Not being able to get or maintain a strong erection, shooting off too quickly or not at all. These are all important early warning sign of serious health issues, including cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalance and even neurological problems. – Men’shealth Malaysia July’17.

Based on those intricate deliberations at this point of view, so where the hell is Your Life Begins at 40? Or is it another beginning of a disaster of your life?

I always remind myself and others. Health is the best ever gift you can have and you need to protect, maintain and embrace life through a beautiful journey of healthy lifestyle. It is a beautiful journey and it will never ended. Happy is not really about making money & chase for status, where most people are insatiable to fulfil this fake desire, and always ended with disappointment

As a Long Distance Runner, I treat my running, workout and training as my lifestyle to keep balance of the rapid and challenging of living now days. As I shared earlier in my previous post, one of my key activities during the lost weight journey are purely running with other crucial intake and others fundamentals routine. It is now adapt to my lifestyle and I’m such a happy Men, Husband and Runner with a significant and upgraded performance, both in My Real Life and Running journey like I never been before.

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I’m so blessed and grateful of my recent full screening result. I didn’t mean to make the doctor so surprise for what I am now for just after 1 year in comparison. I’m in tip-top and top-notch condition and even much much better from I am back to few years ago when I’m still at 20’s. It seems all this hard work, dedication and commitment are paid-off. Thank you Allah.

Life is short and don’t choose to live in sorrow, depress and darkness. A happy sex-life is the key of the entire happiness and trust me, it will reflect on your overall on-the-go life, work, business and others, emotionally and physically.

Start your healthy life style now, today and at this moment. What the hell are you waiting for? Do you ever care about those love one or at least to your dick? (I’m sorry this sound harsh but believe me, you’ll thank me one day). Start to cut-off those hideous tummy and cellulite. Make yourself look good, build-up confident to people around you and have a strong mind.

It’s never too late to start and make change Bro.

Coz the Real Meaning of Life is to Make Your Life Meaningful









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