Nothing is Dazzling and Cooler than a Big Comeback, & that’ll be Me

Finally I got the chance to say this most awaited word of wisdom after My Orthopaedic (Specialist) has officially confirmed that I’m 100% fully recovered from my injury since the recent scklm17. For record it was on 20th June 2017 in Ara Damansara Medical, Rehabilitation Centre, one of the best rehab facility and expert in the country. I want to personally thanked to him and my Therapist who did an outstanding job who help me to recover and heal promptly for what I’d endured, mentally and physically. To add on the excitement, I’m recovering faster 2 weeks than expected, mainly due to the diligently following the strict provided program.


It was one of the very difficult period for me without running and workout routine coz a Runner without Running is just like a Heart without Soul.


My Otai Comrade Runner, Yong Kheng once told me, “Waiting & be Calm are 2 elements that most Runners difficult to master, because these are the opposite to the adrenaline that is present in our body.”

Making an intelligent comeback to running after taking time off due to injury requires a gradual approach that some runners might find frustrating, but ask yourself this: Would you rather make slow, pain-free progress toward building a healthy running base, or jump back into running and possibly experience a setback that leads to prolonged pain or re-injury?

I always remind myself, the moment you ready to quit is usually the moment right before miracle happens. Don’t give up. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake I did in the event of my recent scklm2017 preparation.

But looking I other positive side, I always believe that everything happens for reasons. There’s always a hikmah in every occasion. The best part of my recovery process is it happen in the most awaited holly month Ramadhan. What else can I ask? Ramadhan is always special to me and my family. Many great things happen here ever since. Muslims will fast from dawn until dusk — abstaining from food, drink and acts or thoughts considered immoral. The month is also a time for Muslims to give to charity, spend time with family and become closer to God. I feel blessed having this holly month again and I wish that I still got the chance to be in the next Ramadhan.


I was allowed to run on road only after 3 weeks of the program with few crucial conditions. To run 30-40% slower than my usual pace, a cushion shoes, flat route and not in pavement (hard surface). The run was bit uneasy as I don’t gaining my desired heart rate after few km’s running. Its a bit struggle to be frank. Yes, at first my mental was so disturb to run that slow but my coach happen to remind us too that during this month, just forget about pace. What really matter is the mileage and maintain your level of fitness. Nevertheless, this was also one of the best ever Season-off for me

In conclusion, I’m summarizing my overall Recovery Process as follows:

  • It was 100% success in just 4 weeks period, 2 weeks ahead than expected
  • The key elements of the successes is for me to stay patient and dare to wait
  • Always seek for the real certify expert to undergo such rehab and recovery process
  • I’d to be strong mental and physical as treat this as my top priority, with the temptation of other running event and those who don’t understand your condition
  • Willing to re-start back even in scratches coz that is the price you had to pay

Now that I’m back, my priority is to get back in shape and resume what I’d left before. My next race will be PJ Half Marathon, on 23rd July 2017 and will try my best to prepare and gain a good timing, eventhough this is not my goal. Then I will be participate in Larian Suka SEA 2017 on 19th August 2017. Like I mentioned in my previous posting, my Bigger Goal will be on December 2017 and yes, it still remain and never change. Will share more on this in my next posting.



“If you are going to be a big dreamer, be ready to experience a lot of disappointment. But when you go trough the hardship and decide not to surrender, that is the REAL STRENGTH!” by Edan Syah



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