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The Greatest challenge in Life is discovering who you are
The Second greatest is being happy with what you find

I must admitted that all my life, I’m not really good at what I’m doing. I’m just an average ordinary Guy. I’ve done nothing meaningful in Life, until I start to run. From My previous posting, I’d deliberately explained why I run and how I started to run from the beginning.

Throughout my running journey, I dream to accomplish my desired goal in stages, until I reach the bigger goal in the coming years. No rush. And this brought me to the most prestigious and remarkable Malaysia Major race Event, Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017, on 21st May 2017.  This will also be my inaugural debut for the most anticipated event of the year, and I will be participating in Full Marathon category.

20x30-KLMH1825 (1)

Towards accomplishing the goal, I again continue and sign-up my training with Smart Athletics Club Malaysia (SAC), under the “Beat Your PB” program, led by Head Coach, Edan Syah on 22nd March 2017. And as I mentioned in my previous post, this is the first time ever in My Life I did prepared very well based on the designed training program by SAC, comprehensively. This time around, my targeted goal is to break my previous PB at Twincity Marathon from 5hr 22min to 5hr 5min. It was a rational and achievable goal for me, looking at my current performance, condition and commitment.


The 8 weeks training with SAC was a key indicator of my progressive performance improvement and I am truly enjoying it. The last 3 weeks before tapering were the toughest and I survived all the challenges. Thus, I was supposedly facing no problem to achieve my goal confidently.

However, my preparation towards the major race didn’t go smoothly as it was. There was an incident happened on morning 19th March,  4.30am at Putrajaya when I perform my routine long run alone. I was fallen down when I accidentally hit a steel of bar laid down by the event organizer a day before. The area was totally dark and this is the major turning point to myself. I was badly injured and rush to the hospital for further treatment. At first I was a bit relief when my MRI scanned show not sign of fracture. But the bad news that I had a severe ligament knee torn or bursae in the knee. He suggesting a 6 weeks rehabilitation and that is the queue of a farewell for my SCKLM Dream.

Reacting by nature of Runner which so stubborn and determine, I seek traditional treatment and it seems well and recovered in just few days instantly. And I’m back “on track” and resume by training as usual. Imagine, I’d run more than I never done before. Since Twincity, I clocking a total mileage of 753km of run, which is about 45km average per week! wake up early every week so that I can make my long run at 4.00am in the morning. This is far different when I prepare for my Virgin Marathon which only 360km and consist of 33km average per week! I managed to improve my running pace for easy/long run from 7.50min/km up to a consistent 6.55min/km at a steady Heart Rate at a longer range. This is the result of dedication and following the process which I’m also didn’t believe it at first.

cameron 007

This injury become my own timing bomb as I overlook and thought it has totally cured. The consequence occurred when I preparing my final training at Cameron Highland Running Camp, when this time it strike my left side knee ligament as well during the training in 2 weeks before the showdown. Later I’d learnt from the Orthopedic that the overuse of my left knee due to the trauma of the previous right knee has led me to the more severe injury to my left knee. Today My Orthopedic has diagnosed me with tendonitis inflammation on my right knee and ITB on my left knee.

What a dramatic and tragic for me, having 2 week to go. Not many know about this accept My Coach, Family and Close Friend.

But my determination overshadow all of this and I still firmly confident will finish the race as plan.

This time, I was wrong. Even a night before it, I talked with my family and close friend about it and I’m a bit doubtful. The 1st half of the race went smoothly as planned and I follow strictly with a consistent heart rate and pace until the 21st km just about when I entered DUKE Highway. This time the injury attacked on both side knees, combine with cramping all over legs along the way.

SCKLM17 002

At that moment, I can choose to stop, DNF and wait for the Bus to Finishing Line. But I keep Running (walking a lot actually). I Finish the Full Marathon in less 6 hours holding My Family Photo for the last km, with tears, sweat and pain. Until today, I just don’t know how I reached the Finishing Line. Every time when I reached the Check Point, I just hoping My Teammate who’s tracking us will update my Wife that I still survive, keep moving and fight till the end for the next 22km!!!

Keep Going, Keep Moving
Never Give up
At the end, I didn’t break My PB
My Worst ever performance in Running
My Best ever Memory in Life
Official Time 5hr 59min

I learnt a very valuable lesson. That’s why, every Marathon is different, comes with different story. I shouldn’t be so over confident and always listen to my feeling and doubtful. I should fully recover the first injury and be patient and avoid the bigger risk. Now I end-up damaging both side knee and just started my rehab program for the next 6 weeks before further evaluation later. Now, I just need to live a life without running and stop doing what I love to do so much. I hope to be back to run in no time, only with God’s willing. I just need to stay strong now.

I always believe that there’s always a reasons of what has happen coz God’s plan always the greater. Maybe in conjunction of Holly Ramadhan next week, it’s time for Season-Off, family time and enhance my self-reflection with Ibadah.

In other hand, I am so proud of being Rakyat Malaysia which able to organized such a World Class running event on its own class, higher standard and massive reception nationwide and internationally. This event will be my definite annual race to be entered no matter in what category.

In my humble insight, I want to personally thank you My beloved Family who always beside me no matter what happen and always there for me. Running teaches me to be a better person, be humble and the most important, knowing MySelf. I just can’t thank every single person here as there are too many of them started from My Coach Edan Syah, Jolene Hong, My Running Brother-Buddy Bro Omar, SAC Team, Kucing Gemok Runnners, RFM Runners, inspirer, Sifu² and all Runners out there where we share this remarkable journey together.


And The Journey Continue

My next goal will be at end of December 2017. Will share more about this in due course as I’m still in physical and moral recovery mode at the moment.

No matter what happen, Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 will be one of My Best ever Memory

Started My Fully Consultation & Rehab for 6 weeks with My Specialist today.

“That’s the Thing about Running
Your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success
They are moments in time
When running allows you to see how wonderful your Life is’




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