Finally, the most anticipated Running Event in Malaysia, the most prestigious and the biggest of them all; Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 just less than 4 days before the flag off. The whole community seems to feel the vibes for the last few days and almost every posting in media social were flooded with the Nation Wide publicity, in many ways.

To be frank, I myself have a mix feeling and had my adrenaline boosted, as this will be my SCKLM inaugural debut in all my life. And this will also be my second Full Marathon race after Twincity Marathon 2017 back on January.

And this time around, I come in totally different scenario from my virgin full marathon. For the first time ever, I am so well prepare after went through the proper quality training with Smart Athletics Club since February 2017.  For the last few months, I can see my progress and performance improvement by respecting the training and trust on the process even it take times. It might also take years and you just have to be patient and keep composure.

That’s why they called it MAJOR RACE. Because all Runners from all over Country & Abroad will come & run for their Life and Best ever Performance here.

But again, I always remember this:
Kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan yg menentukan


And SCKLM17 will be my next targeted goal in my running journey and I consider as the vital platform to justify my performance before I pursue to another bigger goal towards the end of the year 2017 later.

Nevertheless ever since Twincity Marathon, unlike other Runners, I just participated in only 2 Races (Powerman Malaysia & Shah Alam Half Marathon) until todate. This excluding Challenge Putrajaya Half Marathon which has been postponed due to the incompetence and big flopped event company, who spoiled the beauty of running event and sportsmanship spirit. It was supposed to be my find tune HM just a month before SCKLM17.


Malaysia Running Community today’s has definite changed for the past few years. Many Beginner Citizen Runner like myself has surfaced and be part of the huge community in the whole country. Just for record, 1st May 2017 was marked as my so called 1st Running Anniversary as I finished 5km Fun Run, KL Labour Day with timing 37 minutes. Today, I can run 5km in 26 minutes (my PB during Powerman Malaysia, Feb’17).

In the past several years, the number of road races from the 5K to the marathon has simply exploded. Every weekend, runners have an opportunity to conquer their first road race or notch a personal best pretty much anywhere in the Malaysia. It comes from various options from 5k, 10k, 15k, HM, FM, Trail and Ultra.  This not to forget physical obstacle run like Vipers and many more.

But for me, obstacle run is not really a pure running event. Despite their high-end fees and so on, this event was created for people just too have fun. Most participants are totally not prepare and lack of fitness, end-up walking all the way. Many will bypassed the challenges and most of the time, queuing for turn at every station, just like in the theme park. And at the end of the day, the so called fun will turn into disaster where most of them will cramp, injured and drama. I saw in my own eyes a top national fitness icon cramped in half way race in the recent obstacle course I entered. Hence, sayonara Viper etc., unless I go for Elite Category.

Viper 001

But every person have their own goal and motivation. We have to respect.

Races today include all kinds of amenities, expos, and parties that have turned many into weekend long running inspired festivals. In short, races are simply a blast. Just like until today, even a week before the major race SCKLM, most of runner still participating in races and put their self in risk and prone to injury. I myself really enjoy training and improve myself by exploring more running potential, more than to be in the race. For me, to be in the race is not just about having fun and meeting people. I don’t really bother about having Finisher T or medal. You can always do that anytime and anywhere. One of the main reason of my running journey is to get out the best of myself because I have a very clear dream and goal and nothing to do about glory

But, if you’re looking to run a personal best, racing every weekend isn’t the recipe for success. Instead, you’ll get even further from your best performance & prone for injury, torturing your soul, body & mind… & you’ll be lost. The reality is that personal bests are often the result of many weeks and months of quality training. Most can’t get up any given Sunday and post a personal best.

If this was possible, we’d see world records set every week. Or perhaps Kipchoge will re-attempt to break the 2hour barrier on the following weeks & race in all World Majors

Thus, towards the last few weeks, most of them had started keep changing their goal, nervous and unclear about what to achieve in this race. The worst case scenario, most of them had already injured and even if they can race, it would be far from their best performance. And they start trying to say, forget about the pace and this is only our LSD.

smart 037

In my opinion, every runners should at least attend any running clinics or equipped themselves in proper training program and gain more technical knowledge instead of just run without purpose every day and night. Because the epidemic in Malaysia Running Community is their seniority and egoistic. The more years they ran, with just few PB unlocked, they will hardly listen to something new even it’s scientifically true. Some even call themselves as Coach, even without proper certification and acknowledgement. And imagine, how a “Coach” can attend another training program or running lesson. Is not their level anymore. Correct me if I’m wrong

And in addition, the last 2 weeks were considered as the period of tapering. Taper: apply for those who really train hard & well prepare. During the taper, it is most important to remember this: physiological adaptations to training take a minimum of six weeks. Therefore, training hard during the final two to three weeks before your marathon is not going to improve your performance. Doing too much during the taper period can destroy your marathon performance. Your best bet for peak performance is to resist the urge to do more. When it comes to tapering, less really is more!

And yet, they still never listen to their Body
Always listen to their Glory

And Finally before I end, lets us RUN FOR A REASON

I don’t just simply go out there & Run. From Obesity Rusty Asthmatic Guy to a Full Marathon Runner

I want My Journey to be Meaningful. And I need Strenght for something very difficult & worth doing

That’s Why I Run

I wan’t My Family to know that no matter hard & difficult Our Life are, We will get through. If we have Courage, Believe & Strong. You will never understand this until you lost One of them like I did.


Inspired from My Mentor:

” I knew that running a marathon is hard, but so is fighting cancer. And I kept going until today because of my mum.” by Edan Syah

smart 038

Good Luck Runners

Follow Your Race Plan
The Race is Just a Rewards
After a Months of Dedication
(If you really train properly)




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