Time flies way too fast
I started too late to Run & My 1st intention is just to Lost Weight, Stay Healthy , Fit & be Happy. But who knows in 1 year time, I’m going to Run My 2nd Full Marathon soon, by God’s willing

But I know
I’m still Newbie, a Beginner, Nubis Kubis Cap Ayam
Too Far from so many Big Names in Running & Fitness World with Distinguish accomplishment
I know where I should stand
Not even qualify to share thought, knowledge, info, tips & lesson
Coz I’m NEW
No harm… it doesn’t matter to me at all

I live and stand with My own principle
I never ‘Ikut-Ikut Orang”
I have My Own Motivation, Dream & Goal
Coz I believe everybody should have at least one
& We Should Respect theirs too

In My Book, Key of the Success Strong Journey are to Stay BALANCE in whatever you do:

1. Do Not Ignore & Derail from the Almighty
2. FAMILY is always 1st to Me
(Your Wife & Kids are your Real Support Crew)
3. Be the Best Employee at Your Workplace
4. Stay Humble & Respect Each Other
5. Don’t Rush Your Progress


It doesn’t matter
How fast or slow you run
How far 5km up to 100km or what so ever
You Swim, Cycle, Hike or Not
No Double Standard do or not do

The Most Important is to get out the Best of Yourself
Coz I don’t need to compete & proof to anybody else
Except Me, Me, Me & Myself
& be The Best Version of Yourself
Coz if you still the same for quite sometimes
You are wasting Your Own precious time

Thank you Allah
For the Bless and Strong Journey
I’ve Come this Far
But there’s still Long Way to go

May’16 My 5km Fun Run 37.42min
Now I can Run in 26min for 5km

Asics 001

Find Yourself
Coz this is Where I Found Myself





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