Men’s Health Malaysia Question Interview (not yet publish)

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1. What is the main reason that made you go on this weight loss journey?
When I’m a Youngster, I consider myself as fit and ideal physically as I am quite active in sports, badminton particularly. Being obesity after married brought me to the darkness of my life where I had a severe asthma illness, hypertension and tendency of diabetes base on my family background. In my humble opinion and determination, the only way I can restore my life back is by started my healthy lifestyle, look good, absolute self-esteem and confident and enjoy to do and wear anything I like in style.

2. Before you started working out, was there any time that you think being overweight is absolutely fine?
As a sensible human being, being overweight is absolutely catastrophic. Fat is Ugly & Hideous. Don’t blame your genetic & God for being Fat

3. Tell us about a time you felt that being overweight held you back from doing or achieving something.
My passion always in Sports and Photography. When I no longer enjoy my badminton game and prone for injury, which was a disaster for me. Hence, I also looks so bad in photo coz I really like to portray myself in media social as confident and presentable person in my own style.

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4. When you felt that exercising was at your most difficult, what did you do to overcome that?
I stop my only weekly badminton game. Then I started to join a workout group through one nationwide lost weight program. But the program didn’t meet my expectation and passion as I don’t see any long term goal to be achieve. Thus, I started to run alone and alone all by myself until I finally did my first 5km non-stop run after keep trying for the last 1½ months. That was purely my turning point and make a lot of different in my life.

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5. Do you place much pressure on yourself to maintain your fitness?
I consider this is My Journey. The destinations is not so important because I do this with my heart and soul with life and work balance, as a Father, Husband, Employee and to the community

6. Do you feel pressure from other people around you such as your family or friends to keep fit?
In directly that all make sense on how I start my journey. My self-awareness are so crucial because I need to stay fit and healthy as an anchor to my family, as a Single Working Father and Husband.

7. What was the hardest part about your weight loss journey?
I considered myself in a very fast track. Imagine, 30kg in 5 months!!!! Without medicines, supplementary, surgery and 100% natural! The greatest challenge is to handle people perceptions towards the end of my lost weight journey. Many thought I used short-cut path. No less those who doubt on my health condition and few who really envy. I was also approached by few lost weight product stockist to pay me as model and I declined it without hesitation. People don’t see the detail of my effort, commitment and sacrifice. Only family and close friends know about it. In other way, I always post I Instagram/FB most of my activities/workout ever since.

8. And what’s the best part about your weight loss journey?
I started to realize that all this while, I haven’t do anything meaningful at least for myself.

9. How are you different now than you were before you lost weight?
My life is so meaningful because I believe Health is the Greatest Gift you ca give to your family and the world a better place. Money, Career, Business and everything is meaningless when you start to have problem on health and depends on medications.

10. What are you most proud of from your own personal weight loss journey?
I never imagine that one day, an Obesity Middle Age Guy can run for 42.195km distance. After my 1st 5km Fun Run Race back to May’16, I decided that Running is my Lifetime Sport and teaches me a lot about Life and Myself. Eventually, I did accomplished one of My Major Dream to run in a Full Marathon at Twincity Marathon, January 2017!!! My timing is 5hr 22minutes (sub 6 hours).

11. What is your favorite sport/exercise and why?
Since I was a kid, My all-time favourite sports are football and badminton
But today, my answer is definitely Running. Today I’d transformed myself from Obesity Sweating Guy to a serious Marathoner, runner. Since May 2016, I had finished many major races comprises into 1 Full Marathon, 5 Half-Marathons, 2 Vipers Races, 1 Powerman Classic and more 10km races

12. What is your next fitness goal?
My Journey are so strong and never ending. The most problem with people in weight lost journey are the maintenance due to lack of clear goal and objective. There is no surprise many will become fat and even fatter from they were before, and I met many of them. Nevertheless, I’d set my goal very clear, to stay healthy and fit for a very long time. My aim for year 2017 is to finish strong in another 2 Full Marathon Races up to December 2017 and improve my Personal Best, in Malaysia and International stage. The Ultimate Goal is to Run in World Major. This is My Dream and I hope can come true.

13. How is your diet like?
During my lost weight “regime” on January – June 2016, my intake ration with exercise are 70:30, mainly focus on eat clean, balance meal and control portion with 90% cutting sweet drinks. But since I seriously become a distance runner and the training are hard in certain way, it turned to 50:50 until todate. This is a very good sign how I enjoy my life now without too restriction of food as long it’s healthy and balance.

14. Do you have a cheat day?
In my book, Cheat Day is just a myth and forbidden. I acknowledge that as human being we are fragile with variety of food especially homemade meal. Thus, 5months of dedication is worthwhile for me with strict discipline and persistence.

15. What do you eat on your cheat day?
Cheat day maybe viable to reward yourself for a very high intensity workout and exercise. I always treat this as my recovery day and take a lot of protein like egg, chicken, fish etc.

16. What is that one food you cannot live without?
None of food. I only can’t stand the Original the Tarik Mamak and its even better coz I can make at home now.

17. Tell us a quote that keeps you motivated.
I got few:
– “Hardwork and Istiqomah (Persistence)”
– “Keep Running, Keep Going, Find Yourself, Coz this is Where I Found My Self”
– “#followyourdreams”

18. Who inspires you in terms of fitness?
When I started my weight lost Journey, Kevin Zahri the Fitness Guru who inspired me a lot. His philosophy to encourage healthy lifestyle to the whole nation was vital.
But now as I pursuit my dream into Marathon Run, My idol is my Running Coach, Edan Syah, fastest Malaysia Marathoner 2016 and SEA Games Marathon 1st Qualifier.

19. If you could send one message to others trying to lose weight and who are finding it difficult, what would your advice be?
If you want to Change Your Body, Exercise
If you want to Change your life, Become a Runner

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20. For others on the path to weight loss, can you tell us how you managed to stay motivated and what continues to keep you motivated?

Love Your Body & Start Your Healthy lifestyle. You are never too old to set another Goal & to Dream a New Dream. I have come this far but I know it’s still long way to go. I believe the Greatest Gift you can give to Your Family is a Healthy You. May every single Mile I Run, make me closer to become a Better Person from Yesterday. Happy is not really about making money & chase for status, where most people are insatiable to fulfil this fake desire, and always ended with disappointment

Coz the Real Meaning of Life is to Make Your Life Meaningful


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