I’m not born athlete. Most People at My Age, they already “Old”. I just another Citizen Veteran’s Runner. I started My Running Journey too late and a Dream to be fulfilled, to Run in a Full Marathon where it’s Every Runner’s Dream. And Finally, I did it! My Virgin Full Marathon at Twincity Marathon 2017, January 2017 and my timing is 5hr 22min. To be frank, my real training just only started since I attended the Twincity Clinic on November 2016, led by Coach Edan Syah. That inaugural session was a turning point in my marathon training and it won’t never be the same again.

Twincity Running Clinic, Nov’16

When I started to run seriously back to February 2016, I never had a proper nor formal training lesson. Even on June 2016 when I join a Running Group in Putrajaya, that never go to detail and touch on technical aspect of the running elements, comprehensively. But I admitted, I did make progress with the group even though a lot of room still need to be fill-up. They were just another great family to be

The breakthrough come until I was officially being accepted to be trained with Smart Athletics Club Malaysia (SAC) back on January 2017, who the Head Coach is also Edan Syah, SEA GAMES 2017 (Marathon) Malaysia Qualifier . I should have registered earlier as I missed the closing date.

To be frank, the 1st 2 weeks training with SAC was vital to me, as I’m heading the final preparation for my 1stever Marathon. In many ways, it really help me a lot. I obtained such crucial information either on technical aspect, technique and final conditioning towards the race. The most important, I get to have an opportunity to well prepare for my race plan as I never had in mind before, personally from the Coach himself. As result, it did goes 90% as planned. If I can only bared the severe heat and hit the wall at the 35th km, I should have done better on my timing.

Through SAC training, I’ve been provided a total holistic training program designed and customized personally for me, towards the accomplishment of my ultimate goal. The program also guided me with proper training fundamentals and information, as example 5 key running pace was provided based on recent performance and analysis. I was also being trained in area where I never done before like tempo run,”real” speed interval, fartlek, hills interval, drill, stair workout, dynamic stretching and up to cooling down. The long run session training was the main ingredient and lesson for me to maintained my endurance built up where I also never done in such a proper coordination and technique before this. This is not to forget an additional initiative which is very important to be done, the Strength training, Move Play Conditioning session.


Even the Wednesday hard session level being lifted for each week, I am so enjoy and performing so well where the progress seems to be work-out for myself progressively. I learnt to be so focus and give the best for every session. I always well prepare for the session and look forward every week. As now, I’m not so rush to achieve my goal as I’m so enjoy the training with amazing people and coach.


It was too early for me but last week when I ran a 10km race in Powerman Malaysia 2017 in Team Classic Relay, I broke my Personal Best from 59min to 56min 47sec! It was a spectacular morning run and fantastic atmosphere to end the run with myself still in control, hold the pace, change the tempo and at the end, I feel I can still go even faster without injury and feel so steady compared on my recent 10km race. I might still far from my goal, but this achievement is the result of hard work, commitment and determination by strictly following the program and allowing myself to progress in a smarter way.

I will continue to train under the SAC Malaysia in my pursuit to finish strong, improve time and achieve my Full Marathon’s goal by the End of year 2017.

Train Hard, Train Smart

Respect the Training

Trust the Process

Finish Strong or Pain, the Choice is yours

Race Stronger



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