LIFE IS BETTER IN RUNNING SHOES: How to Buy New Running Shoes?


A Pair of Running Shoe and a Dream can take you anywhere. Every Runner’s  running shoe have magic in them, the power to transform from a Bad Day into a Good one, frustration into speed, self-doubt into confident and chocolate cake into muscle ;-P

A Runner without a Good Running Shoe is just like a Car without Wheel, a Ship without Sail or a Singer without Microphone. It is a very essential tools required for every runner to fly high and bring them to their dream, to a place they never been before.

Hence, finding the best and suitable running shoe for each individual are very crucial and tricky. And of course, it is the most exciting and liveliest moment for each Runner every time looking and buying new running shoe.

I still remember the first time I bought my very first “real” running shoe back to year 2014. This is because I just sign-up a membership of a fitness centre/gym in Subang Jaya with My Colleague Haizal Zainal. All this while, I just had badminton shoe and a running shoe during my university time back to year 1998. The shoe I bought with Haizal was Adidas and I really can’t remember what model which cost me about RM140. Since I just wear it in gym and very seldom jogging, the shoe consider so so goodlah and suite my usage at that moment.

I still wear the shoe for most of my activity until year 2016, up to when I hiked to Broga Hills where it was already badly worn-out and I almost slipped at one of the cliff there. So until I bought another new running shoe; Asics Gel Sonoma 2  , somewhere on March 2016 together with My Buddy Aizzat , it was also a  mistake as it was actually a mix trail shoe and not suitable for road run and make a lot of different.

Either you are a new runner or season runner, you don’t get surprise that sometimes you might be ended buying a wrong shoes. And this might happen to everybody coz every single person have their own preference, suitability and desired purpose on each shoe with discovering the suitability of the shoes.

Even though I’m just a Beginner, allow me to share some simple and standard guideline should you wish to but a new Running Shoes in near future



  1. Preferred Brand

I set this as most fundamental point for myself because this is the where I gain my motivation and excitement every time you need to boost your running spirit. As myself, I can say that I am a Die Hard Fan of Adidas from the beginning. Walking inside Adidas Store and Outlet always make my adrenaline accelerate even for just window shopping. But that doesn’t mean that other brand don’t suite my taste. Nike, Underarmour, Asics and others still in my list depend on certain circumstances. But for running shoe, I really trust the Boost & Formotion Technology  invented by Adidas where it combines comfort and returns energy at take-off thus gives an excellent running experience in every nature of running requirements.

  1. Nature of Run

You have to be very clear why you want to buy a running shoe. For what purpose? You have to decide specific purpose and it can come in various segment such as; road run (long or mid distance), training, speed, trail and sometimes can come in fashionably outfit purposes. Try to avoid buying a mix purpose shoe like I did on my Asics. In few study, for a serious runners, you may need at least 3 slightly different shoe for rotation purpose from training, hard session, long run and up to the race day. Can refer here

  1. Foot Type and Pronation

Don’t get me wrong. The temptation of getting a new running shoe not to be overshadow blindly without knowing your own foot type. Go to dedicated shoe’s store like The Marathonshop, Running Lab or even in Alikhsan to test and identify your foot. It must either be a High Arch, Normal or Flat Foot. This is important to understand the pronation for a shoe to wear respectively. It took me just on recent occasion when I wrongly bought the so called the next generation of Adidas Supernova Glide 9 and after just 40km overall, I had to admit that the  shoe are not suitable for my foot.

For info, Adidas Glide 8 was acknowledged as the Shoes of The year 2016 at numerous Running’s website, bodies and runner’s choice award. However I’d just learnt that the so called successor, Glide 9 was totally a different design and breed that not really suite my foot type without I aware about it.

  1. Budget

Always be in mind, buying a shoe is an investment for your fitness and healthy lifestyle. It is such a worth spending and the return is countless. A very decent and good shoe sometimes will cost you up to RM500 and it can be higher at high end side if you go for other outdoor imported brand depend on the nature of usage and durability. For me, the investment cost you this much as the main purpose of each running shoe is to protect your foot and the entire leg so that you can enjoy your running in style and free injury. But in Malaysia, if you smart enough, you can purchase certain shoe in very affordable price with better offer in few outlet like in Mitsui Outlet, Johor Premium Outlet or Melaka Premium Outlet as its offer a mid-range previous season model like I bought My Adidas Adizero Boston 5 at 50% discount from the original price.

  1. Reference

Always refer to a valid and viable sources and real study case or actual person testimonial.

My most preferred reference are f course comprises into 2 main category:

  1. Popular & Well known running website,,,,,

  1. Actual Runners Testimony

This category is quite significant as you can identify their running shoe through photos in Instagram or FB and ask about it with more fresh info and actual event experience from beginner and elite’s runner as well.

Finding a Right Running shoe is very vital coz this will later translate into your performance and grow on your running journey in long term. In my opinion, as a Runner even a Beginner like myself, you should have at least 3 pairs of active running shoes per person, depend on your work rate and usage basis. This is to provide sufficient time for each shoe to “recovery” and in the same time create a comprehensive rotation system for your training for the most awaited upcoming race in proper order.


From my previous 700km of running since August 2016 (I have no record from February 2016), I am enjoying the stability, cushion and durability of my Adidas Boston 5 and Glide 7. For training and speed purpose, Boston is where I can really count where the material used for the upper unit is soft and breathable, keeping the skin comfortable at all times. The upper adapts to the type and shape of the foot, bringing a secure coverage without making it feel too tight. It’s really suit my foot and my running style.

While I have to admit, the one that really brings a lot of new dimension on my running journey was incomplete without my best ever buddy, Adidas Supernova Glide 7. The Shoe makes running comfortable and effortless. The systems that make this running shoe possible all work together to make the running experience of the wearer as enticing and enabling. It looks great as a casual running shoe and as a sports companion. It has served me well in 3 Half Marathons (PNM2016 I used Adistar) and the Inaugural Twincity Full Marathon recently and I am so delighted with it. And it deserve to be in My Personal Hall of Fame of Running Journey.

But as I’m going to bring my whole running journey into the next level, I might needed another high performance gear that will facilitate my training regime and produce the desired result confidently. Glide 7 or even 8 (Best Running Shoe 2016) might provide the stability and cushion for long distance. But as I need to increase and sustain the pace, it might not the suitable shoe without breathable and more traditional style running shoe with a higher heel drop, smooth transition, and great cushioning.

Therefore, few distinguished top performer “adidas” Marathoner has recommended the Top Notch Adidas Adizero Adios 3 as the New Companion in pursuit of my running performance. It adapts very well to the movement of runners and I really loved the responsive cushioning of the Boost midsole. Designed for marathons and long-distance running and It looks very cool and stylish. The Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 3 combines the toughness of an everyday trainer and the nimbleness of a racing shoe. With sufficient arch support, responsive cushioning, and insane comfort, running all types of distances are a breeze with this shoe.

At first, I was wondering that the less cushion of boost on the shoe will affect on my running performance but I guess it just a myth should you can enhance your running form inline with the overall mileage. Eventually, it’s a worth compromise that shows key significant improvement on your speed.


Your Running Shoe is the Heart and Soul of Your Running Journey. This is just a beginning as I’m just a Beginner Runner and I’ll always seeking much opinion from other runners for further clarification.

Trust me My Friend, every Tales of Running Shoes are Beautiful

But My Tale’s, is My Favourite

Keep Running

Keep Going

And Find Yourself


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