The Greatest Challenge in Life is Discovering Who You Are

The Second Greatest is being Happy with what you do

In Your entirely life, what are you really looking for?

Have you ever ask yourself?

Despite being the Humble Servant of The Almighty God, what is actually our purpose of life?

All My Life, I might be regretted of not doing something meaningful for at least, for My Self.

I never come across of being the Best Version of My Self

I never really push My Self and give the best out of me

Out of so many passionate things I’ve being doing

Never ever I found true Satisfaction and Happiness

Besides of My Beloved Family who really part of My Life

Forget about Job and Work

Unlike on job, it’s a totally different game. It is really not about performance based, no matter how hard you work. You just need to be in a “Right Camp” to excel and elevate your career and play the game safe and smooth.

That’s totally not my forte like some people


Until I Start to Run



When I start on My Lost Weight Journey back to January 2016 through a Nation Wide popular program, I discovered that the contain of the program was not really an established to meet specific lost weight measurement standard for each individual, and it’s purely depending on each Team Leader to prepare the co-called module. Some Team Leader also not qualify & not a competence person, but that’s no really a big issue. You can say it’s a very decent as a start-up and initial awareness program only. And for real long journey and maintenance purpose, you have to find something else more promising.


However the philosophy to sell and encourage People to Live and Embrace the Healthy Lifestyle was truly motivating and really enjoyment. Good for Beginner like me perhaps, at that moment.

I like to play Badminton and we have Our Alumni KTDI Team where we train every week and arranged for few Friendly Matches. But like I said, it is purely a once a week session and sometimes without sufficient members keep me bored and tendency for high injury. No consistency. And yes, it’s finally happened when I had a hamstring which put me aside for about 3 months doing nothing and become more Obesity.

Alumni KTDI Badminton Team 2014

During My Badminton Day, I met Coach Jerry who later invited me to join his Running Group in Putrajaya, namely Kucing Gemok Runners. I am so skeptical of myself and my fitness level so that I just keep in mind to join him only when I feel can run and as level as his group members, one day. It’s totally just my blind minded assumption.

This is where I start to run alone on February 2016. And I am barely can run even for non-stop 400m! So I skip the Lost Weight workout Program and I continue to Run, alone and alone at Tasik Nilai Impian. A Turning Point: When I finally reached 1 loop nonstop run of the lake (approx. 1.3km) after 2 weeks of trial. From that moment, I never look back and keep running at least 3 times per week.

Then only after nearly 2 months of trying and running, I managed to run my 1st nonstop 5km run in 39 minutes! Thanked God, I did it!

On 1st May’16, I ran my 1st ever Race at KL Labour Day, Fun Run 5km with 38minutes timing. (Now My PB for 5km is 26min on Mac’17, Powerman Malaysia 2017)

My Races May’16-Dec’16

Just for record, I still remember how I encourage and push few close member for their 1st distance non-stop run as respectively follows:

  1. Mohd Aizzat Mohd Ramlan, 2.5km at KLIA2 Runway
  2. Rawiah Hanisah IdrusMLala Mokhtar, 1km at MPS Stadium

Than the Serious Journey begin

June 2016 I accepted Coach Jerry invitation for My 1st ever Running & Workout Session with Kucing Gemok Runner (KGR) at Tangga P15 Putrajaya. It was such a remarkable reception during Ramadhan and to tell the true, after Run for only 5km hills and tanggathon for 3 sets, I’m badly bonked, almost fainted and cramp all over body. How can I forget Coach Jerry did PNF on me and share a lot of lesson for me to keep motivated and continue to run.

My 1st Night Run & Training with Kucing Gemok Runners

Later I also invited my so called “downline” Dina Madon & Aizzat Ramlan to join KGR and we are such a Happy Healthy Family who love to run and keep the healthy lifestyle spirit together.

Throughout the year 2016, I finish 11 Races in Malaysia comprises into:

5km Fun Run       : 1 Race

Viper Challenge : 2 Races

10km Run            : 3 Races (My PB for 2016, 1hr 2min)

12km Run            : 1 Race

Half Marathon   : 4 Races (My PB for 2016, 2hrs 14min)

(for info, I will never Run at Viper Race again. to be explained later)

My 1st 10km Race at Revrun was so unforgettable as I cramp all over body after Finishing Line and the medic had to attend on me. My timing at that time was 1hr 12min.

Training with KGR was such a vital element in my journey. The group as one family was really helpful under the custodian of Coach Jerry where he trained us so well without compromising our background and level of fitness from Elite Runner and Tri-athlete down to Cap Ayam Beginner like myself. Should I realized that, I would have join them earlier and enjoy the vibes together.

The Big Family Kucing Gemok Runners
Happy moment KGR New Year Eve BBQ

Even with the Tuesday-Thursday session, I still did my own training under the guidance of Coach Jerry. This is where I learnt about strength, hills training, tanggathon, speed training and gym workout.

As a father, husband, employee and servant to Almighty, I admitted that I had to really properly arranged and sacrifice a lot of time as I realized that I am going on super-fast track where I really progressively showed some result. Imagine, I sign-up and train for only 2 months for my 1st HM and I clocked my PB at that time, 2hrs 25min at Compression Sport Run 2016!! If Coach Jerry can read this, I want to personally thank him on what I achieved today.

Drama Suami Ku Runner Kental
My 1st Half Marathon at Compression Sport Run 2016 (Sept’16)

Running is a Life Time Sports. Everybody can run. You don’t need a specific skills. And it is FREE (except if you go for Race). Through Running, I met plenty of amazing and inspiring People either in reality, race day or even in media social. I myself adore few familiar Running-Marathon Icon and my reference until today such as Zahril, Zulfahdli @jubaque, Mohd Azmi,  Nama Ku Abu @themarathonmarcus, Jolene Hong and Sifu Azman Ali.

Not to forget few other names; Farid Zainon, Khamrul Rashid, Hana Dinyati, , Matin Seth, Zahid Zidane, Shaiful Amar, Yim Heng Fat, Eby Junaidi, Pak Engku, Rina Hashim, Rahimah Elias, Yazed Marley and  many more. And the list are incomplete without the Malaysia Fastest Marathoner & My SAC Head Coach now; Edan Syah & the SAC Runners. 

At My Age, as I embarked into wider worlds of running, I decided to join an established Running Group based in Johor Bahru, Run For Malaysia Runners (RFM Runners). They are such an amazing and spectacular Big Running Group with Big Dream where I am so blessed can be part of them respectively whenever I had to travel to Johor Bahru, with their wisdom tagline; “together stronger”. Thank you Zaliza for being so supportive and encouraging. Sooner later I’ll be fully joining you in JB.

The Awesome Run For Malaysia Group

Nevertheless, as a runner I wish and dream of finishing a Full Marathon race one day where it is an “Every Runner’s Dream”. It took me quite sometimes to think about it and special courage to register. To be frank, at one time I only consider myself to be ready for my 1st Full Marathon on Standard Chartered Marathon 2017 (SCKLM2017) in May 2017. That was changed until I was challenged by Coach Jerry and later the so much experience Mohd Azmi before I finally sign-up for Twincity Marathon 2017 back to October 2016. People say Dream is Easy but I know Full Marathon is so Massive and I am ready for every sacrifices, commitment and determination to fulfill My Dream for the next 3 months.

At Twincity Running Clinic October 2016

Sifu Zahril and Zulfahdli @jubaque has guided me so well in my preparation towards the race day. Then as I attended the Twincity Clinic by Coach Edan, it’s all become clearer and convincing. Thus, I managed to built up my mileage based, and did my Virgin’s 30km LSD, Captained by Sifu Azman Ali before the tapering period. Not to forget also My Comrade Ashraf Shamshiri and Coach AA M.Nazrul who help me for the final preparation info and race-plan.

My “Pecah Dara” 30km LSD Captained by Sifu Azman Ali

Thank you to Coach Edan who provide me key info on my preference pace, a day before race day and finally I Finish Strong My Virgin Full Marathon without injury at 5hr 22min 90% as planned. I should have done better if the weather be so kind and calm at the day.

Moment after I reached the Finishing Line – happen only once


Thank you Allah for the Blessing

Thank you My Family for being My Strongest Support Crew from the Very Beginning


My 2017 Goals

I want to Finish in another 2 Major Full Marathons in Malaysia & Abroad, and improve My Time towards the end of the year. Hence, I believe by joining Smart Athletics Clubs (SAC) lead by Head Coach Edan Syah, I will learn new things, grow and progress in more proper and technical aspect with a good attitude and commitment to improve myself and fulfil My Desired Goals through Running

A Moment After Training with SAC Malaysia


GOALS are DREAMS with Deadline. Arriving at One Goal the Starting to Another

Be Focus & Specific and don’t allow yourself distracted.

You are never too old to set another Goal & to Dream a New Dream. I have come this far but I know it’s still long way to go. I believe the Greatest Gift you can give to Your Family is a Healthy You. May every single Mile I Run, make me closer to become a Better Person from Yesterday. Happy is not really about making money & chase for status, where most people are insatiable to fulfil this fake desire, and always ended with disappointment


Train Hard

Train Smart

Finish Strong or Finish Pain

The Choice is Yours



and Find Yourself

Coz this is where

I found Myself





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