Lost 30kg in Less than 5 Month!


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I started My Weight Loss Journey back to Jan’16 and within 5 Months I already obtained My IDEAL WEIGHT, 100% natural without any single supplementary, medicines, protein etc.

I am not Fitness Trainer or Personal Coach coz I dont have any qualification & tak layak. But today I want to share 7 Key Salient Points I’ve been through on the successful of My Journey:

1. Cut 95% Sweet Drink (consume only half cup on breakfast), drink plain water a lot
2. Exercise/Workout min. 3times/week & consistently
3. Only QUALITY Exercise allow (this is where most People dont understand, pm tepi nak tau lanjut)
4. Eat clean & control the portion (bye bye zaman melantak mcm haiwan buas)
5. Eat at 7times/day (avoid starving)
6. Sleep & Recover well
7. Try to get 1 buddy or join any active workout group (now I join at least 3 running groups)*

*later I will share on “Why I Run?” in another post



Its all depends on you
Do what you like most
Do it passionately

What most important is the Intensity (70-80% HR)
Forget about activity manja2 & geli2
Its time to wakeup & move out from your comfort zone
Example, if you choose to workout in the gym, doesn’t mean to be too long
Is the reps, interval & sets thats matter
If you want to Run
Dont forever run the same distance & pace

Thats Why I try to avoid Zumba
Nothing wrong with it
Just the tendency where most people can cheat & skip the move all the way. Its always the Zumba Instructor who really determine to do while most participants cheated behind. haha

Orang cakap betul nak kurus ratio nya mesti 70% makan & 30% senam. Tapi disinilah orang selalu silap. Kerana terlalu memikirkan yg 70% tu hingga mengabaikan yg Kualiti 30% tu sendiri. Bila bersenam acuh tak acuh, maka secara saintifiknya, bagaimana metabolism badan nak meningkat. Bila metabolism tak tinggi, kesan pembakaran lemak dan fisiologi badan jadi tak berkesan dan seimbang. Anda tentu masih ingat ketika anda remaja dan budak-budak kan? Makan macam mana pun badan tak naik-naik, sebab kadar metabolism sangat tinggi. Metabolism ni sangat ketara bagi Usia yg meningkat dan Wanita. Sebab tu wanita susah sikit nak kurus.

Tapi bila dah sampai tahap ni. Kadar saya sudah berubah ke 50% Makan & 50% senaman. Alangkah indahnya kini.

At the end, you must feel super exhausted, hardly to breath & bonk

3 signs you had achieved quality workout:
1. Muntah hijau betul2 punya
2. Rasa nak pitam
3. Cramp teruk

If you can overcome & repeat the same set/activity, your level of fitness is actually up another 1 more level. Trust me My Friend

“Hardwork & Istiqomah”


Love Your Body & Start Your Healthylifestyle, coz you never know what it can cause you in no time Catastrophically. Do it for Your Love One. Money, Business, Career is nothing at that moment

Losing Weight is not everything coz bukan semua Orang Kurus itu Sihat dan Semua Orang Gemuk Confirm tak Sihat (ini fakta). Bila dah Fit, buat apa pun enjoy, pakai apa pun senang & style. Self Confident akan jadi sangat tinggi

As now I had accomplished My Dream to Run in My 1st Full Marathon in January 2017 (Twincity Marathon 2017), coz this is Where I Found My Self.

In my Next Post, I will share My Next Goal & How I pursuit My Dream in Running.  Stay Tune

Coz the Real Meaning of Life is to Make Your Life Meaningful

Never too Late to Start a New Chapter
& No Short Cut for Success



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