From Obesity to Full Marathon



Dream is Easy
But much Harder to Execute it
Only with Hardwork, Drive & Passion
Then only it become Reality

Saya tak pernah bermimpi akan jadi Finisher dalam Full Marathon
Seorang Lelaki Middle Age yg Obesity
Semput, Hypertension dan bukan seorang Atlit

But I know
The Miracle is not that I Finished
It’s that I had Courage to Start

Running in Marathon Change MyLife forever
& this is just a Beginning
In pursuit for My Strong Journey
To Stay Fit, Slim & Healthy
As the Humble Servant to Almighty God
and to My Beloved Family

Running is a Lifetime Sport

Running adalah Manifestasi Hidup yg sangat kuat untuk kekal dgn Gaya Hidup Sihat & Cergas secara Istiqomah

Kalau siapa nak Kurus dan Sihat, cubalah Run secara berterusan dan berprestasi. Kerana itu apa yg saya lakukan in My Humble Journey selagi Allah mengizinkan

Full Marathon (Every Runner’s Dream) mengajar saya mengenali betapa Kerdil dan Lemahnya diri ini dalam kehidupan yg sementara ini. Hanya Jiwa yang kuat & kental akan jadi taruhan menghadapi ujian setiap masa

Feb16, I started jog, slow & unsure (coz I’m fat)
Apr16, I reached my 1st 5km non stop run at Tasik Nilai Impian in 39min
May16, My 1st 5km Fun Run Race in 38min
May16, My 1st 10km Run in 1hr 16min & the medic need to attend & treat me at FL (cramp all over)
Sep16, My Virgin HM in 2hr 25min
Dec16, My 4th HM in 2hr 14min

Jan17, My PB in 10km KL Int. New Year Run 1hr 2min (10.8km actual)


Just feel like yesterday when I have the courage to sign up for My 1st Full Marathon back to Oct’16. Thanx to Coach Jerry & Mohd Azmi who help me a lot at that time

As a Beginner, New Runner & at My Age, it tooks a lot of Commitment, Sacrifice & Determination to went through the whole process & training regime

This Run I dedicated to My Family who being My True Supporter & backbone from the very humble Beginning

See you on the the Next Race Standard Chartered KL Marathon

My Goal for 2017 is to Finish 4 Major Full Marathon and Improve My Time at the end of the Year coz Result is Over Time, not Over Night
Keep Running
Train Hard, Train Smart
Finish Strong or Finish Pain
The Choice is Yours

“Hardwork & Istiqomah”




  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I’ve never met a group of people as positive & inspiring as runners. I’m glad that Allah had planned for me to be a runner.

    Positivity is infectious 😁


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